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Do the Dogs Bark in Time?: Learning from Enron’s Collapse

The fall of Enron seems to have shaken the corporate world. It emerged as an unprecedented incident to the investors, analysts, suppliers of funds, employees and  people in general. No one could predict such a sudden collapse of a highly … Continue reading

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Anti-Dumping Law: Need of the Time

  Under the Uruguay round of commitment for liberalization countries are required to rationalize their tariff structure to facilitate global trade. The non-tariff barriers were also supposed to be disciplined to allow access to market. In this backdrop countries are … Continue reading

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Who Ever Heard of Such a Tax?

The most experienced finance minister of the country has placed his eighth budget for the year 2002-3 in the parliament. The budget of the professional accountant turned politician has got some features that are new and quite uncommon to our … Continue reading

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Corporate Dividend Decisions: Is Management Independence at Stake?

Jamal Ahmed Choudhury Our policy makers seem to be desperately looking for a stimulus that will induce the companies to pay higher dividend to their shareholders. Believe it or not there are at least half a dozen rules that have … Continue reading

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