Increasing women’s representation in corporate boards

Following Article published in the Financial Express on May 24, 2017


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My Interview on Capital market @ ETV 18.12.2016

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Is Idependent Director’s service a charity?

Publish : 27 Apr, 2016 00:00:00

By: Jamal Ahmed Choudhury

As part of its initiative to enforce better governance, the Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC) has introduced the Code of Corporate Governance for companies listed with local bourses. When the Code was first introduced in 2006 after the debacle of 1996 stock market, it was applied on ‘comply or explain basis’. The ‘Comply or Explain’ principle left the compliance issue to discretion of the companies. The companies that do not comply with the Code were required to explain in their annual public reports the reason for non-compliance if any. By doing so, the matter was left to the investors to make their decisions based on the level compliance to the Code by the concerned companies. This flexibility was similar to the provision of the UK Combined Code of Corporate Governance introduced as long back in 1992. However, in 2012, the BSEC through a notification made compliance to the corporate governance code mandatory for the listed companies excepting banks, insurance and non-banking financial institutions (NBFIs). Continue reading

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My Interview in Ekushey Business

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